Nested Palettes

I'm just starting out with KM, and so far, it's pretty amazing!

I'm trying to create nested palettes - admittedly, I'm fumbling around.

I have a main palette in which each item takes me to a sub-palette. It's working to some degree, but not quite as I'd like. I'd like each plate to have letter shortcuts so that I don't need to use the mouse. For some reason, the main palette has the letter shortcuts, but not the sub-palettes.

The main is implemented as:

The sub-palette is implemented as:

Any ideas what's missing?


Hey Bernard,

Sounds like your main palette is a Conflict Palette, and the rest are Macro Group palettes. You likely want to use Conflict Palettes. Take a look at those wiki entries and let me know if you still have questions about them.


Hi Chris,

Yes, Conflict Palette was the clue I needed. I had to play around a bit, but it's working nicely now.


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