New Audio Interface Breaks KM Engine (I think)

I'm trialing an Antelope Audio Orion 32 HD audio interface. Right now it's connected via USB3.0.

The audio is working but unfortunately since plugging it in and installing the drivers, the KM engine is borked. Activity monitor shows a constant 99% CPU usage, usually reporting Not Responding.

Macros don't work and hovering over the status menu icon returns an unresponsive beachball.

Any idea what's going on?


My guess would be that the device is flooding the system with USB HID packets.

If you disable all USB Device Key triggers, then that will probably stop it affecting Keyboard Maestro, though it will still be putting a load on your system and the solution is probably a fix in the device firmware.

Thanks for your reply, Peter.

I'm not sure how I'd troubleshoot that but I can confirm that I get the same problematic behaviour with this interface on a different workstation. This probably means I'll be looking for a different piece of kit.

I wound up returning the Antelope interface and buying a UAD Apollo which doesn't have the same issue.