New "Quiz" Macro, but comments welcome before I upload it

Before I upload this new macro, I want feedback. I've created a macro currently called Quiz which reads the names of all the JPEG files that you store in a specific folder, shows those images sequentially to the user, (I should use Custom HTML for this, but that's not done yet) beginning with a random choice, and asks the user to speak the name of what he sees (which could be photos of countries, or people, etc.) The name of the file (eg, "Canada".jpeg) is the "answer" and if the user speaks the answer correctly, the Quiz macro tells you that you are correct and finds another file to present to the user. If you get the answer wrong (which certainly can happen since speech recognition doesn't always interpret phrases correctly e.g., "Chile" is often heard as "Chilly") it lets you try again a few times or "Pass".

But this is important - after the first one, they aren't picked at random, it's the one with the lowest ratio of successful answers is picked. So if you are always getting "Canada" correct, it will focus more on the harder images like "Barbados".

I have found this game to be quite entertaining, and I've learned the shape of all the countries of North and South America over the last half hour. There are lots of small Caribbean countries that I've learned today to identify by their shape.

Part of the reason I haven't uploaded the macro here is that I have ideas for improving it using the upcoming Apple Intelligence AI, which arrives in Beta form in less than 2 days.

I'm sure there must be apps out there, probably free, that do this sort of thing. They are probably called "Flash Card" apps. I've never bought one, but I certainly enjoyed writing it, and I enjoy playing it simply because of the fact that I wrote it from scratch myself. I'm wondering what categories of images I might try next. Maybe faces of politicians, or actors. Maybe the elements of the periodic table from their number, or vice versa. Any other ideas? I might also reverse the order so that the name is flashed in front of you, and you have to guess the image. But there's no way my macro can confirm that you got the right answer in this case. (Unless Apple's AI makes that possible!!! And it might if they introduce image content detection AI !)

Once I've got the macro working smoothly, I might ask the community here to create new folders that contain named images. And in that case I would have to update the Quiz macro to let the user choose from all the folders available.

Perhaps this macro should get its data from an ftp server, one that allows the public to upload images. (Of course, a publicly writable folder is an invitation to disaster, but maybe we could limit it to people who have been on this website for a long time.) Hey, I'm just brainstorming for ideas.