New to KM. Is syncing really only provided if you use dropbox or similar?

I could have sworn I was listening to a podcast about KM and they talked about syncting working out of the box. These docs make it seem as though I need to sync with a 3rd party service?

Is that true?

From more recent Help files:

To [sync macros], you need a file location that is mirrored on both Macs. Dropbox or a similar service is good for this, or you can use a shared file server, although you must ensure it is available at all times to both Macs.

Macro Syncing

It works out of the box in the sense that the capability is built in. But, yes, there has to be some "shared file server" in order for multiple Macs to have up-to-date access to the file which stores a user's macros. Dropbox-type services (iCloud, Box, Google Drive, etc.) are what most people are likely to have, rather than an in-house file server (which would work). For Keyboard Maestro to perform the task independently would require resources and responsibilities which are understandably not tasks taken on lightly.

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You do need a sync service, but you could use pretty much anything. I use Resilio Sync, for example. and it works great

Thank you all for the answers.