Newbie - how do I simulate user actions inside a dialog or app?

I am new to KM. I have created text replacement and activate application macros. I bought the Field Guide and have looked at the videos. But I still don't understand how I can automate traversing and manipulating UI controls within a dialog or application.

I am blind. I want to open the VoiceOver Utilities application. (done)
I found the Cmd+4 shortcut to open the Navigation pane. (done)

But now I need to execute 7 VO+right arrow commands, a VO+space, a few up and down arrows, and then a VO+space.

(and it would be really nice to read the state of the combo button before modifying it...)

Finally, I want to close the VO Utilities app. (done)

Can I do this in KM? Or do I need to resort to AppleScript?

Your help is appreciated.


Hey there, you should check out the Type a Keystroke action, as it likely does what you need. If you need to simulate the same keystroke multiple times (like the 7 right arrow keystrokes), you could have a single keystroke action inside a Repeat action instead of 7 separate keystroke actions.

If none of that makes sense, don’t hesitate to let us know and we can explain more or provide samples.


That makes sense. (I know what Actions are, at least... lol)

I will give that a go tomorrow.