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Some of my macros are requiring me to push the hot key for each action within the macro. How can I set my macros to execute all of their actions by only pressing the hotkey once?

Here is an example: I have to press command E twice, once to open textexpander and then again to get to the cursor to the search bar.

Welcome to the KM forum, @BoChuck!

It's a timing issue.

You can try inserting a Pause action after the Activate action, using a delay of, say, .2 seconds.

You might need to tweak the delay value - it depends on how slow TextExpander is coming to the front.

There are other things you can try too, for example using a Pause Until action with the Application condition selected. A search in this forum will reveal others as well.

I don't have the app he's using, but some apps don't populate the menu items until you open the menu items first. Right?

Thank you! That worked. I added a pause. .25 seems to be ideal timing.

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Hi @BoChuck. Welcome to the Keyboard Maestro forum.

Coincidentally, yesterday I posted on this topic: Avoid Attempts to Prematurely Interact with an Application - Tips & Tutorials.

If you read that post and have any follow-up questions, I'd be glad to field them.

Best of luck as you learn more about Keyboard Maestro!

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I will take a look at it. Thank you. Much appreciated. It was good timing, as I just signed up today for the KM forum, etc.