Next version of KM in 2019?

From the KM wiki, the eight versions of KM came out in 2002, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017. This is now 2019. There is an average of 2 years between versions. So are we due for a new version this year? If that's a trade secret Peter can ignore this post.

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Possible Features in the Next Version of Keyboard Maestro

You might try this imperfect forum search to find Peter's hints about the next version, since 2019-01-01:
@peternlewis "next version" after:2019-01-01

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Hi there. I am new here. Not so far I have started using Keyboard Maestro and I really like it. So the question is what was the last update, was it 8.2.4?:thinking:

Hey Tomas,



Yes, 8.2.4 is the current version, and likely the last version of 8.x, the next version is planned to be 9.0 later this year.


I heard version 9.0 is suppose to do the dishes, 9.1 will do your lawn;-)
I mean, you can dream, right?:wink:


I'm pretty sure they have Roomba-like lawn mowers for small lawns, so Keyboard Maestro probably CAN literally mow your lawn. :joy:

Excited for the last most used app on my mac to go dark :dark_sunglasses:

As a new user who’s just discovering KM, thanks to Mac Power Users podcast, should I just hang on and wait for V9?

I was pleasantly surprised when, a couple of months after I bought version 7, I got notified via email of a free upgrade to version 8 before I had heard that version had even been released. YMMV, but I think Peter takes pretty good care of his customers.

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My problem is rather the opposite. I feel I owe the creator of KM extra money for giving me so much value and fun for the last 5 to 10 years. Perhaps if there was a "Gold Edition" that came with a T-Shirt and sticky labels and other fluff, I would buy that. Prior to KM, the products that made the biggest impacts in my life were Turbo Pascal and Basic. KM is on par with them. If you enjoy automation and programming, you can't lose. I feel that KM has room to grow in terms of support for voice, HomeKit, graphical I/O, and a few other areas but I'm loving it so far.


I hear you. The app that gives me the most value at this moment is Alfred and I have a Mega Supporter license for it. That's almost like a Gold Edition. As I am starting out with KM, I haven't really able to appreciate it fully. One day, if it brings the value to me, I am sure I will be a mega supporter too :slight_smile:

I would leap in as soon as possible. This is one of those technologies where the rules are simple but the strategies to win are endless. So, the more practice you get at solving your problems the better.

And I can’t believe updates will invalidate what you’ve learnt.

You are right. These automation can be very addictive. I am two weeks into the trial and I already have 14 macros that I used constantly and saved up to 144 minutes so far...

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