Night setup Macro (v9.0)

This Macro is not launching for me. Can someone in the community please help me identify why it isn't working?

I have a similar one that triggers at 6AM in the morning that seems to work just fine.

This macro should:

  1. Wake the Mac
  2. Tell Caffeine to activate
  3. Pause for 2 seconds
  4. Appliescript to activate notes and open a new note
  5. Open Google Chrome URL
  6. stay in this state for 2.5 hrs
  7. Turn off Caffeine

Night setup Macro (v9.0)

Waking a screen and waking a Mac are completely different things, I think. If your Mac is asleep no macro can trigger. If just your screen is asleep macros can trigger.

It looks like your first action is attempting to wake the screen, not the Mac.

Waking a Mac is possible another way.

You said you have a macro that works fine, but you said it was "similar." Can you show how it is different?

I think the computer wakes via Energy Saver schedule (in Preferences) on weekdays at 6AM and the morning setup Macro triggers at 6:05 AM. If Keyboard Maestro is not waking the machine at all then Energy Saver is how it's happening. But I don't have too many scheduling options if that's the case.

Sorry I cannot show a screenshot outside of the KM editor because it would be too large and I would get in trouble with this forum.

Well it sounds like you've explained the problem. The computer is awake when the morning macro runs, but it has fallen asleep when the evening macro runs. That's why the evening macro doesn't run, I presume.

I believe it's possible to schedule a Mac to wake up multiple times per day, but that involves a "trick". Are you up for complicated tricks?

I might as well explain the trick here, even if you aren't up for it.

Basically, when the Mac wakes up in the MORNING, you get KM to change the daily wakeup time to 7pm in the evening. Then when the Mac wakes up in the evening, you get KM to change the daily wakeup time to the morning. It should be possible to make this quite reliable.

It's been years since I used this trick so I can't remember exactly how I did it, but I'm sure it can be done.