Not Ask Again About Accessibility Permissions

The ONLY reason I am using Keyboard Maestro, is to have it run some scripts automatically on a schedule (without having to deal with launchd).

I there a way to have Keyboard Maestro not continually asking (it asks every time on startup!) about these accessibility permissions?

That's not normal behavior, but then again Apple's management of permissions is very buggy...

  • What version of Keyboard Maestro?
  • What version of macOS are you using?

Search results for '"Accessibility Permissions" order:latest' - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

I'm using the latest versions (just downloaded Keyboard Maestro today).

Keyboard Maestro Version 10.2 (Trial version)
macOS 13.2.1

Where is the Keyboard Maestro Editor app located (path)?

Try running the Interactive help from the Keyboard Maestro Editor's Help Menu.

It's located at /Applications/Keyboard

Did you upgrade to Ventura from a prior OS? If so you may have a more general issue with your tcc database, which is where these permissions are stored. Eclectic Light has a good summary of tcc fixing, complete with links.

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Yes. I upgraded from Monterey. But I had never had any issues. And this was long before I installed Keyboard Maestro.

Do you really think it could be an issue?

Yes -- I've seen reports of Monterey -> Ventura upgrades causing problems with the tcc database. But there can be other causes too and it was happening at least as far back as Big Sur.