Number of characters in a line when pasting a Styled text

Why is “paste styled text” forcing the number of characters to around 90 characters. Is there a way to customize it?

here is an example: the text leaves the right area empty as return is forced.

Hey @Desalegn,

That’s not how it normally works…

What app are you working in?

Also — please post your macro — so people don’t have to recreate it to test.

And — please post a sample document that demonstrates the issue.


This will likely be whether the text is copied as plain text or styled text and the fact that the source app is putting two different results on the clipboard - one will have the line breaks in it and one will not, and so what you do with the clipboard next will determine which one is chosen.

You can try adding a Filter Clipboard: Remove Styles before the Apply Style action - that will force Keyboard Maestro to read the plain text on the clipboard which is likely the different one without the line breaks.

Keyboard Maestro itself is not wrapping the text.

Thank you guys. I found out the source of the problem.
I pasted the formatted test from Tinderbox. The style was keeping some hidden rule set by Tinderbox on the position of the ruler. Now, I fixed it.