Numbers being typed as symbols on Macbook


I’ve been working on my first macro and it seems to be performing well except after a cycle or two in my loop it seems like my number row on my Macbook Pro is transformed into a Caps lock state where everything is the symbol equivalent instead of the number.

ex. ! instead of 1 % instead of 5 etc…

I tried looking in the engine.log file and I don’t see anything except for execute macro from the hotkey press.

From what I read on here it sounds like these issues are typically a PITA to hunt down.

Is there a tool or something I can see that will show the keys on the MacBook being pressed in realtime while the macro’s are firing? Maybe that will offer me some insight.

I am on

10.12.14 Sierra

More specifically it’s like the shift key is being held down while the type text macro is running.

Please post your macro.

Modifiers stuck down is an issue that has been see with the Logitech Control Center. For example:

Generally you can observe the keyboard with the system Keyboard Viewer (Show Keyboard Viewer is in the Keyboard status menu (icon menu at the top right)).

Thank you, I was able to pull up the keyboard viewer. (I had to enable the settings in the keyboard options)

I think I’ve isolated this to be an issue with one of the main applications that I’m attempting to control.

Blue Stacks App Player.

Again it seems to occur at random. When I am in an input field that excepts text inputs the shift key is being held down when a type text macro is firing.

A workaround would be to use paste text, however, inside these input fields, command+V which I would guess is what is being sent to the application during the firing of the macro does not work. CNTRL + V (The windows equivlient of paste) would work.

Then try a Type a Keystroke action with V: