OCR curved monitor

I am considering getting a new Mac mini with a large curved monitor. I use ocr to read information on the monitor to transfer the information to another application. Will a curved monitor cause the ocr to be less accurate?

Thanks Roger

If I understand correctly, the app takes screenshot from the visible area that is output by the application or MacOS, regardless of what monitor you have.

You could also use iText app on MacOS, or Prizmo app on MacOS, or Screenotate app for MacOS or many other apps, or Copyfish chrome extension or priprizm chrome extension, or Yandex Translator OCR and any other options and achieve the same result as KM OCR macro.


My main concern is the difference in ocr accuracy of the curved monitor vs the flat monitor.

A monitor is merely a display device. Any optical character recognition software would be using image data as a source. Even if that was taken from a screen shot, the data would be from video RAM not the actual screen.

But I think you can rest assured a curved screen can not distort the pixels it displays.