Oct 30th new Macs - is there an impact on KM

Some new Macs were announced a few hours ago. I presume they will be compatible with Keyboard Maestro. But I have found one question to ask that may impact my Mac purchase decision.

Is the "Lock Key" that is available on some of the low-end iMacs (the lock key has been around for a while, I just never knew it) usable in the "USB Device Key Trigger" of KM? If so, that would be the only key that isn't capturable by KM. Even the "fn" key is capturable by KM.

I would like to comment that none of the new MacBooks have the Touch Bar, so I guess the part of KM that supports the Touch Bar is likely to fade out of importance.

Are there any other features of the new M3 Macs that could impact KM? I looked, but didn't see any.

I expect so.

No idea I'm afraid.

I'd say detectable rather that capturable .

I doubt it.