Odd engine.log entries

I'm monitoring my engine.log to verify macros are being triggered on schedule (one isn't, but that's a topic for another post). I just noticed the following entries:

2019-03-30 12:02:06 Assertion Failed: good,  file: /Users/peter/Keyboard Maestro/Project/Source/XCAF/XRunningApplicationsList.mm:49, value: 0
2019-03-30 12:02:06 Assertion Failed: r,  file: /Users/peter/Keyboard Maestro/Project/Source/XCAF/XRunningApplicationsList.mm:148, value: 0
2019-03-30 12:02:06 Assertion Failed: i_runningApplications.count > 0 and [i_runningApplications[0] isEqual:i_frontmost],  file: /Users/peter/Keyboard Maestro/Project/Source/XCAF/XRunningApplicationsList.mm:209, value: 0

There is no user named peter on any of my Macs. Does anyone have a clue what they are?

The assertion just names the source file (to remove confusion I will remove the “/Users/peter” in future versions. It just refers to a location in the program, not a file on your Mac.

As for the assertions, the NSRunningApplications API does not live up to its documented promises, and Apple have confirmed that they are fine with that so Keyboard Maestro will be less verbose about its working around the bogus behaviour of these APIs in future versions since clearly it is not going to be fixed by Apple.

You can safely ignore them.

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This is good to hear. They currently clutter the log file.