OK Button in Results Window

When electing to "display results in a window" for any execute script action, the window is drawn with a single button. The OK button is highlighted in blue, suggesting it can be clicked by hitting the Return key (which, you know, keeps your hands on the keyboard instead of requiring a mouse click).

But it doesn't respond to the Return key. I have to click.

The best workaround I could come up with is this:

That works but requires two taps on the Return key to dismiss the window whether the trigger is key down or up. Which strikes me as a bad habit to get into .

I want the results window to stay open until I dismiss it so I have the option to copy some of the data. So sometimes I'll just dismiss the results and other times I'll make a selection to copy.

But I'd sure like to be able to dismiss it with one tap of the Return key. Any ideas?

For some reason you have to press RETURN twice.
See if that works for you.

@peternlewis, is this a bug?

Yes, I noted seeing that behavior just under the image (“two taps”).

It does seem 1) that hitting Return should be the equivalent of clicking on the OK button (since it’s blue) and 2) key-down on Return shouldn’t require two taps.

Initially the text field is focussed. So you can do, for example, Command-A, Command-C.

Return exist the field (as would Tab). Then Return closes the window.

Whether it should or should not behave that way, that’s an open question. But that’s how it behaves currently.

Thanks for explaining where focus is. I would have expected a blue highlight around the text field to indicate that (and no blue highlight on the OK button tp show it does not have focus).

I modified my action to send a Tab and then a Return using Type a Keystroke if Return is down but that didn’t close the window, although merely typing Tab and Return manually did close the window.


Ah ha, the simple solution is just to Type a Keystroke and make it a Tab (or Return). That changes focus to the button so hitting Return manually will close the window.


Peter, I would guess that some very large percentage of use cases, that the user just wants to click OK. So I would suggest making the OK button be the default focus.

The text field may have focus, but these is no visual indication of this.
Clicking in the text field does NOT show a cursor.

Hey Mike,

Try hitting Escape or . or Enter


What I’m reacting to is the highlighted OK button, which should respond to the Return key. I (and anyone else for that matter) would never hit a key to abort the operation (Escape, Ctl-., etc.) based on what the GUI is hinting.

That’s the problem. The GUI says the button is active and it isn’t.

So I’ve solved this for myself by simply adding a Type a Keystroke action with a Tab in it. That does make the button active and it does respond to the Return key.

But it’s a workaround.

At the very least, the button should not be highlighted. And the text area should show focus to avoid the confusion.

Ideally, the focus should be on the highlighted button, which the user could override simply by clicking in the text area.