One folder trigger macro prevents another

These 2 folder trigger macros move files put in them, but they don't work when both are active at the same time.

  1. Folder Trigger – Delete Screen Shot (2) - moves screenshots from my second monitor to the trash
  2. Folder Trigger – Move Screen Shots - moves screen shots from desktop to a screen shots folder

Any idea why they don't play well together?

Move Screen Shots

Delete Screen Shot (2)

Folder Macros.kmmacros (5.1 KB)

It would help if you could be more descriptive of the problem.

If macro #1 is active, then macro #2 does not move files and vice a versa.

They only work if one of them is disabled while the other is active.

I downloaded your macros and the “Delete” macro didn’t work at all.

I copied the whole If Then action from the “Delete” macro to a new, fresh macro, and now it works.
Actually both are enabled and working.

Very odd behavior. Not sure what it could be.

You mean, copying to a new macro didn’t change nothing for you?

oddly enough it did now! Thanks for the suggestion. Still weird though!

This is caused by a bug. If you copy & paste a macro with a Folder Trigger, both macros will use the same UUID for monitoring the folder, which messes things up. Fixed for the next version.

If you select both macros, and choose Edit ➤ Duplicate, delete the originals, and rename the macros back, that should resolve the problem (the problem only happens with Copy & Paste of the macro, and new unique IDs are correctly generated for Duplicate).


Peter, thanks for being so candid about the bug, and for already fixing it.

So, until the next version is released with the fix, what is the best way to create a new macro that starts as a copy of an existing macro? Is Edit > Duplicate the best method?

Yes. But note that the Folder Trigger and the Quick Macro action are the only cases that would have an issue with Copy&Pasted macro, so it’s rare to hit the issue.

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Thanks for the info. This explains it.