One Simple KM 10 Setting That Can Improve Performance

Up until recently, I've been experiencing severe slow-downs and even prolonged non-responsiveness of the KM editor. This was especially noticeable after just running the KM app.

What I found was the following setting was the cause - Evaluate Condition Results. Here is how it looked on my system:

KM 0 2022-01-19_16-20-09

All I did was uncheck this setting and I've had no further sluggish/non-responsive behaviour.

By way of explanation, this setting determines whether or not KM proactively works out the results of all the conditional clauses etc. (in for example If Then actions and suchlike) while you're using the KM editor. On my system, I have a very large number of such conditions and the result was very high levels of CPU activity shown in Activity Monitor for the KM process.

I know some other KM users have reported performance issues in this forum; perhaps this tip will be a help in resolving such problems!

As always - YMMV.


An important reminder for sure. Especially since a lot of new users make heavy use of Found Image actions that can really bog down the CPU.


Just a note that this menu item is only available in Keyboard Maestro version 10 or later.


Good catch @NaOH - I've changed the thread title to reflect this. Thanks!


Funny, I went to find this topic to link here:

And uh, you wrote it :sweat_smile: I've converted all of my find images to file references because of that tip, so thanks again!


Haha glad you found it helpful! :grin: