Open a Sub Menu command?

I have a worksheet in Vectorworks. I want to create a macro to open a command in a Menu in a window that opens when I edit the worksheet. That secondary menu is titled Database, and the command I want to activate is titled Edit Criteria... It cannot be done by mouse position since the window can move around. It looks like this:

Hey Bruce,

You can base a mouse-click on the front window, so that might be an option.

You can also use the click-at-found-image action:

action:Move or Click Mouse [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]


Thanks. I don't think that will work since the window will change location on the screen often. I think a mouse click is a mouse click relative to a x/y screen position. I will look into the click-at-found-image action.

Might want to look again:


BetterTouchTool can click the context menu item if you have it.


@ccstone I do see what you mean, but in this case KM see my main Vectorworks window as the front window, not the pop up window. I did try it. I don't see another setting that will possibly work.


If the pop-up window is not frontmost then the click action can't use it – although there's a fairly complicated workaround using AppleScript UI-Scripting.


Oh, yeah.

What exactly are you defining as a pop-up window?

The contextual menu?

Or the Cut list window?


My Vectorworks file has a worksheet. I double click the worksheet to open the worksheet "access" window. That brings up the secondary window with the database menu that I want to access with KM.

This would be simple if Vectorworks had a way for me to add a keyboard shortcut to that Database/Edit Criteria command, but so far I can't find how to do that, even though it can be done with all "first level" commands. I have asked how it might be done on the Vectorworks community board.

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I got it working. I do need to add one more click since the "Cutting List" worksheet needs to be selected for KM to recognize it as "the window with index 1.

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