Open all specific file types in said application

What I am trying to accomplish is the following:

  1. I will select a folder (lets say on my desktop)
  2. Hit the macro
  3. The macro should go though the folder and sub folders and open all files that are html in said application (like dreamweaver)

I have this and it works to open html but I don't know how to make it go though a folder and open all html.

Thanks for the help

If you want to be able to do this then take a look at these screen shots. I had to change the default behavior of the search in finder.

Change it to say Search the Current Folder.


This Macro does a lot more then just open files. That is the reason for the Next button.

Just saw I did not include the whole macro.

To use the Finder Selection, you use the For Each Path in the Finder Selection.

And then to iterate through the selected folders, you use For Each Path in the Folder Contents.

Both of these are actually pseudo actions in the action selectors:

So something like:

Thank you!!! Working great!