Open different files based on specific calculation each day

Hi, I know that this is quite a complex request, but please bear with me.

I have a folder that contains 6235 images ( named respectively 1,2,3 ... ) these images are categorised in 114 groupes ( each group contains a different number of images ).

I'm learning the images by "groups". Knowing that i have not learned all the groups yet, i want to revise the groups that i have learned throught the span of 30 days with an equally divised share each day.

So for example, i have learned the images from 5500 to 6235, and for the first day i want keyboard maestro to open the first 25 images ( i got 25 from (6235-550)/30 ) .. so it would be from 5500 to 5525. Then on the second day, 5525 to 5550 and so on. And on the last day after opening the last batch of images, it would revert to opening it like the first day.

BUT this is in the case of me not learning any of the other "groups". So i also want a quick way to tell km to include the images of the new groups that i will learn in the future. So, after learning and telling km that i learned it, the interval will change to for example : 5400_6235 and the amount of images revised each day will go up (28).

So to recap, i want the macro to be able to :

  • attach each group with their respective images
  • do the calculation i've done before
  • open the files that are specific to each day
  • include new images from new groups learned

Please provide a specific example including screenshots of the Finder showing the files involved.


  1. How do you identify each group?
  2. How do you know when new images are added to a group?
  3. I don't understand this calculation:
    for the first day i want keyboard maestro to open the first 25 images ( i got 25 from (6235-550)/30 ) .. so it would be from 5500 to 5525.
    • Why are you dividing by 30?
  4. What do you mean by "attach each group with their respective images"?
    • Attach to what?
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I have another folder with the same images named as "groupe_index" if that may help

I know which groups contains which images.. i thought that including all that details in the question would be conterproductive.. i will identify them manually ( the first group contains the images 1 to 7, the second 7_40 and so on ) but i haven't found how to do that in km that's why i am asking

the image are not added, all the images are available in the folder .. there are merely excluded from the calculation, because there are in a group that's yet to be learned.

I want to revise each day a portion for 30 days that's why i devided the number of images i have learned by 30.

Let's say i have put a group with a variable set to "0" ( i haven't learned it yet ), then change to "1" ( i learned it ). I want km to know that this group is "attached" to these images and include them in the calculation ( if i learned them i want them to be included in my revision plan ).

I know that this request might require multiples macro to be complete.. i would be very pleased even if only one of my problems can be solved.. and thank you again for the reply !