Open file, folder action: should we make a habit of using the path of aliases only?

Ventura 13.6, KM 11.0.1

I have over 5,000 macros accumulated over the years and containing many open file / folder actions.
I regularly encounter broken links in those macros because the UNIX paths in the file / folder action has changed (usually the file was either renamed of moved), and waste time tracking down the original file.

question: should I systematically use paths of aliases* instead of paths of the original file / folder because the aliases are move / renaming resistant ? I now regret not having used aliases since the beginning.

wish list: @peternlewis : is it conceivable to make the open file folder action move and renaming resistant like an alias ?
My suggestion is not totally crazy: with DevonThink, it is possible to rename indexed files without breaking the link to the file in DevonThink

thank you

Not really because for the most part they are specified by text (generally token text).

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