Open file with part of the path being a "wildcard"?

I know the path to a file I want to open except sometimes the suffix is "_Vector.pdf" and other times it is " Vector.pdf" (space before "Vector". How do I write the "Open" action to accept either file name?

Example Path:
%Variable%Fingerprint Folder%/%Variable%PIN_Name%_Vector.pdf

I would test for the existence of both, and open only where the file is found.

IF > At this path > Something Exists > THEN


Hah! Thanks. I actually came to that solution myself (I'm learning). Works like a charm. Thanks.

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Just to provide an alternative solution, with perhaps more flexibility, you can use the Bash find command:


find "$KMVAR_GLF__FolderToSearch" -maxdepth 1 -iname "*$KMVAR_DND_GLF__KeyWord*"