Open multiple Keyboard Maestro Macros At Once

Is it possible to open up multiple Keyboard Maestro macros at once? I often bounce between macros referencing them and sometimes they belong to different applications. It would be nice to have a floating macro open that I can bounce between but I realize this just may compicate things too much and a simple screenshot might just do the trick. Thought I would check though since I do copy and paste between macros often.

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That would be very useful.

Screen shots helpful – and I wish I’d thought of that for this purpose.
But screen shots don’t update as the original macro changes with editing.

One quick solution – available right now – is temporarily move selected macros to the global macro group.
Show the global palette on top of KM Editor.
Then Option+click any of the macros to immediately open it for editing/copy/paste.

Still only one macro open at a time, but much faster to navigate from one to the other.

Thanks but I can’t get this to work I restarted Keyboard Maestro and even restarted my computer and tried it on another computer but couldn’t get the Global Palette to open. I even made a macro and ran the macro to "Show Global Macro Palette but nothing opened. I am sure I am missing something simple here.

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You can use a hotkey to switch between two macros:

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The above macro by @DanThomas, and the below script by @ccstone are great tools to toggle among multiple macros for editing.

But I agree with the OP, being able to open multiple macros for editing (or at least copying actions) at the same time would be great.

Another great tool by @DanThomas, which I use many times a day, is:

MACRO: [KMFAM] Favorite Actions and Macros

Ah, yes, has happened to me, too.

The macros that you wish to edit in this way must have a trigger for "Global Macro Palette Entry".
At least temporarily while you are editing back and forth.
Without any active triggers, the Global Macro Palette will not appear at all.

Using the option+click method I described above allows switching between many macros quickly.
Not limit.
No other macros to install, maintain, learn.
No Apple Script.
Just use the option+click edit feature already built in to KM.
But actually open for editing, only one at a time.

Example of Global Macro palette and required trigger:

If more questions, I encourage you to ask.