Opening a url from a set of url

Let's say I have a collection of 5 different urls and that I want a different url to be opened every single day for a unlimited period.

First day, first url is opened
Second day, second url is opened
Third day, third url is opened
Fourth day, fourth url is opened
Fifth day, fifth url is opened

On the sixth day, the url number one is opened again.

On the seventh day, the second url is opened and so on for an unlimited period.

Please let me now if you want more information about what I am trying to accomplish.

Do you think Keyboard Maestro can help me achieve this?

Yes. Here's one way this can be done:

Example Macro.kmmacros (5.9 KB)

Thanks for your inspiration @gglick. I ended with this macro:

Need to pimp it a little bit but the most important is already here.