Opening Finder when a volume is mounted almost working how I like

I have created a macro that opens the Finder when a volume is mounted.

Suppose the /Volumes/MyFolder is mounted – Finder will open a window showing that directory.

This works fine, except for the fact that macOS creates a volume called /Volumes/Data silently every X minutes and my macro is triggered showing this directory.

I have tried to create a IF condition to prevent that but it is not working.

This is my macro.

Any ideas?

Just move the Open action to the Otherwise section of the If action in your macro.

DUUUUhhhh!!! Sorry about that. I guess my brain is tired. Thanks.

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@tiffle's got you covered here, but one general observation...

Your macro is looking for contains β€œdata” – that is overly generic and error prone.

I'd be much more specific and look for IS /Volumes/Data or ENDS WITH /Data

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