Override Evernote Keyboard Shortcut

TextMate uses Cntl-Cmd-N for a new file, but Evernote uses this system wide to create a note. Evernote doesn't allow changes to this (bad) as far as I can tell and I've seen a discussion somewhere on this.

Can I get back Cntl-Cmd-N in TextMate with KM? I don't want or use this keyboard shortcut in Evernote. If Evernote can be changed that's better as it's the root of the problem.

Hey @KBM,

What version of Evernote?

Evernote 7.11 allows changing those keyboard shortcuts.


v10.5.7 and no Preferences as such. How old is your version?

I guess I should write Evernote, but figured if they were stupid enough to override all macOS shortcuts they weren't going to be very responsive which is why I tried here first. It's not even a feature I want or ever use. Just Googled and go to the shortcuts page.

From their website: "These shortcuts will work system-wide when working in any application (provided Evernote is running). In older versions of Evernote, you can redefine these shortcuts by going to Tools > Options > Shortcut keys from the menu bar."


Thanks for responding. Still hope KM can help, but I'll write Evernote and start looking for a new program.