Overriding conditions while using debugger

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to debug a macro with a lot of condition actions, so I've read the documentation about the debugging tool and started debugging, but when a condition action comes and it isn't fill i can't override it (I mean, trying for the engine to ignore it at all because it works fine) which I thought was done using the "step over" action, but not in this case, it just loops forever waiting for the condition to be filled, so... What do I need for the "step over" action to work? or maybe I got it wrong and it can't be done.

Thank you very much.

You cannot affect the behaviour of the macro from the debugger, you can only pause it and step through the actions.

When you are looking at an action that contains other actions (eg a While action), Step Into will move on to the first action within the While action, while Step Over will continue running the macro until the While action completes and then stop looking at the next action.

You cannot forcefully change the position in the macro or the value of conditions.

You could adjust your conditions to have other factors (like Variable conditions) that you can control externally (via the Keyboard Maestro Preferences or another macro). But you would have to adjust your macro first, then run it in the debugger, then when it is paused, adjust the variable.

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I'm sorry for not answering you before Peter, for some reason I wasn't receiving notifications from the forum.

I managed to solve it, it was a silly issue though.

Thank you very much for your answer and for the great work with the new update, it's amazing.