Palette and non-palette macro with the same hot key

I'd like to have a macro in both an application specific palette and also in the application 'set' with the same keystroke but without invoking the conflict palette, which makes sense that is does. But I don't want the conflict palette in this case.
I'd like to keep the palette open if the user desires that.
And be able to have them use the keystroke shown to trigger the macro with no conflict palette showing.
Likewise, if the palette is not showing, I'd like to be able to use the keystroke to trigger that same macro (or alias) that is in the 'main' app. specific set.
I do not see a way to determine if a specific palette is visible or not.

Do both macros do the same thing?

If so, only give the one outside the palette a trigger. Have the one in the palette use the Execute a Macro action to execute the other macro so you aren't duplicating the actions (drag the other macro in to the action list for the macro in the palette to easily create an Execute a Macro action.

yes both macros do the same thing,
But I'd like the macro in the palette to have the hotkey assigned to is also.
Is there no way to not have the conflict palette show when a macro in an app. set and a macro in that app. palette set have the same key?
If the palette is showing, I'd like to be able to click on the macro name or use the assigned hotkey. Or if the palette is not showing I'd like to use the assigned hotkey. In both cases without the conflict palette showing.
That's the goal.
Thank you for your help

There is no way to avoid the conflict palette if both macros with the same trigger are active at the same time, no.


What I described does that.

ah yes, of course it does! My bad.
My unspoken goal was to have the hotkey displayed in the palette also so that co-workers could get used to using keystrokes.
So understood, of course you can use the keystroke in both cases, but the keystroke cannot be displayed in the palette.
That would be the perfect solution.
I see that it cannot happen.
Thank you for your patience and explanation.

Perhaps you could programmatically enable/disable the app macro as you hide/show the palette?

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