Palette disappeared ... for good

Hello, I must have done something wrong because my palette has disappeared and all attempts to make it appear have failed, including changing palette preferences in KBM, rebooting my computer etc

Which palette?

There are several different palettes:

  • The Global Macro Palette (that contains active macros that have the Macro Palette trigger)
  • The Conflict Palette (that displays macros with the same hot key trigger when you press the conflicting hot key)
  • Macro Group palettes (that display their contents when they are displayed as a macro palette).

Hello Peter,
Thank you for your time and help.
I lost the default palette, the little palette that expands when you put your cursor over it, and contains all macros for which I chose palette entry as a trigger. I initially dragged it by mistake into the corner of my screen, probably a bit too far, and it disappeared for good.
Before posting this message, I tried the following in vain:

  • quit and relaunch the Keyboard Maestro Engine, multiple times
  • Show Global Macro Palette , multiple times
  • toggle global macro palette multiple times
  • reboot my IMAC El Capitan
    My gut feeling is that it is ‘there’ but outside the scope of view of my screen display.
    thanks again,

and I also tried changing the resolution to all possible options

as per your email, it would be the global macro palette.

it finally worked. Don’t know why. Thanks !!

Generally it should push itself back on the screen whenever it appears, so I’m not sure how it would get stuck off the screen. You can close it, and there are actions to toggle it open or closed, or it reopens when you relaunch the Keyboard Maestro Engine.

I found that if it gets stuck in a corner, as soon as the cursor comes close to it, it expands, which prevents you from dragging it back by holding and dragging the upper border, to a less peripheral location
If you have time, I suggest you try it: drag the global palette into a corner. Try to get it into a corner in such a way that as soon as you approach your cursor to drag it, it expands, and from there try to drag it back.
From that point, I tried many things, one of which must have caused it to disappear.
thanks again

I do, regularly. It’s designed to zoom itself back onto the screen, and to zoom open with coordinates relative to the corner its closest too. I can drag the zoomed window so it is right off the screen (as much as possible, and then move the mouse away it zooms back to the icon sitting neatly in the corner. Mouse over it and it zooms open with the corner still neatly in the corner.

So if you are seeing something else, I suggest you email support directly with some screenshots or something because currently I can’t duplicate any behaviour like you describe.

thank you very much and sorry for taking up so much of your time.
If I can duplicate, I will make snapshots.

I’ve had palettes disappear many times. Reading about quitting the KM Engine above is what fixed it for me just now.

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I will look into it. thank you. Who is on your photo ?

My rug rats

It’s a very nice picture