Palette of permanent paste items

Is there a way to create a Palette of text items you are constantly pasting?

I tried clipboard, but a clipboard you paste 1 item then you must create another clipboard.

If you want a palette, I suggest making a macro group just for this purpose and filling it with macros that insert the text you want pasted.

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Maybe text expansion macros could also be an option.
Or multiple macros with the same hotkey, so it invokes the conflict palette and the keyboard can be used to select the correct macro.

Yes, there is, but I have the same need, and I find it more useful to make each separate macro (one for each bit of pasted text) triggered by the same hot key (I use command-option-control-+), thus invoking a conflict palette from which the desired text can be chosen with the keyboard. I do everything I can to avoid touching the mouse. Your preferences might differ, of course, but if you haven't considered doing this via conflict palette, I recommend at least trying it.

Another option is Prompt With List. That has the advantage of requiring just one macro that invokes a list that can be appended as needed.

I'll try the conflict palette. Thank you!