Palette opening when not expected

Using KM 7.0.1 / OS X 10.10.4

I have created a palette as follows:

Ie to be triggered on a shortcut key and to remain open until the shortcut key is pressed again.

Each macro on the palette is some text to be typed triggered by a number, such as:

However, when I switch applications with ⌘ + TAB I am finding that this palette is being activated. The problem is it can with any application, but does not happen all the time. I know this is not helpful to pin down the cause, but there may be something wrong in how I have set up the palette which I cannot see.

Any help would be gratefully received.

The palette is configured to be shown by default, and turned off and on when you press Command-Option-Shift-N. It is hidden in Keyboard Maestro itself.

Note that if you make any changes to your macros, that will reset the activation to the default (ie shown). Making a change would be any change to any macro in the Keyboard Maestro editor, or the Keyboard Maestro editor being launched or quit, or any use of Set Macro/Macro Group Enable/Disable actions while the Keyboard Maestro editor is running. Its possible this is where you are seeing the palette appear unexpectedly.


At first I did not understood your response. Then I realised I had chosen the wrong option “Shows/hide a palette when” which produces what I want: to show the palette when the shortcut is pressed, and only turn it off when I no longer want it.

Now I understand your response…