Palettes Don't Display After Safari crash

Yesterday and earlier this morning, all of my KM palettes displayed properly.

However, after Safari crashed, I cold booted my Mac and now several KM palettes are no longer displaying; one of them is for KM!

I've quit and relaunched KM, double-checked to make sure that the palettes are enabled/activated.

They do display within the Palette Theme Editor, but not within any of the apps they are configured to display.

Other of my palettes still do display.

Any suggestions on how to solve this?

Many thanks in advance!

Hey Barry,

Do I understand correct that you do have some palettes showing up?

Run the Assistance item in the Keyboard Maestro Editor Help menu.

See if that gives you any clues.

Quit and restart both the Keyboard Maestro Editor and the Keyboard Maestro Engine.

Try reassigning one of your non-working apps to its group by:

  • Assigning a different app to that group.
  • Pause.
  • Re-Assign your app to its group.
  • Quit and restart the app.

Shut down completely and restart.

Restart into your Recovery Partition, fire up the Disk Utility, and run “First Aid” on your disk.