Palettes Scattered over Screen On Start UP

There must be a simple fix here? When I start my computer my collection of palettes is scattered over the screen. I would prefer they are not visible. How can I achieve this?

Hi @temata, could you please make a screenshot of the settings of your macro group palette?


That could help solve your problems.

Thanks for your reply. Your question triggered further enquiry by me and I can see how I can hide these now. In some palettes they include just a list of the macros in others I have the macros plus the macro group listed. Cant figure out what's different because listing macro group is redundant.

It is difficult to find a solution without seeing how your settings are @temata.
Do you have an example? Maybe you use the same shortcut for a palette as for other macro groups, so that they appear in a palette.

Thank you for sticking with me on this. If you see this screenshot; the settings seem to be identical to other palettes I have.

The desired outcome is a list of the macros in the group; but as you see there something different.!

After your screenshot, you have assigned the shortcuts 2 times, so that 2 macro groups or a macro group and a macro appear here. According to the settings of your macro group, the shortcut works system-wide and can lead to the conflict if it is used elsewhere.

If you create @temata a palette that is only intended for one app (here Safari), you should consider this in the settings of the macro group:

So if you create palettes for apps (pages, safari, mail etc.) as shown in the gif, you can use the same shortcuts without creating a conflict with other app palettes.

That is the Conflict Palette. You can two macros (well, in this case, a macro (“Palette - Browser”) and a macro group (“Browser - Safari Private”)) but with hot key Hyper-B.

Since Keyboard Maestro does not know which you want to trigger, it offers you the choice.

Okay thank you so much to Peter and appleianer.

Yes, obvious if I had recognised pallet as conflict palette! :blush:

For what its worth I am 70% through the Macsparky KM Field Guide which I have found useful. At the moment I feel that a Field Guide dedicated to Palettes would not go amiss.

KM is a fun app; if only I knew what I was doing. I am improving, I know what a conflict pallet looks like now.

All the best from Brisbane, Australia.

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The highlighted letters, and the title bar both give it away.

Keyboard Maestro is a broad and deep application - nobody knows all its capabilities (even I forget things it can do). The trick is simply making it do what you want to do, and the forum is a great resource for ensuring that happens.

Just around the corner then.

Yes. Just finished the sparky field guide; never heard once that it was Australian brilliance behind this great app! :smirk:

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