Palettes won't appear after experimenting with conceal palette action

Howdy folks. I was experimenting with the conceal palette action and now I can't get any of my palettes to appear at all. I try my hot-key: nothing. I try my strings that reveal specific palettes: nothing. This is extremely frustrating as I now have no idea how to get them all back. Does anybody have any ideas what might be going on?

EDIT: Never mind, after a computer restart everything seems to be functioning as it was before.

There is a variant of the Conceal Palettes action that Reveals Palettes. Just click on the action and click the Try button. Was that not working for you?

Relaunching the Keyboard Maestro Engine would presumably have been sufficient if it was just Keyboard Maestro’s conceal/reveal palettes as the issue. So unless something else had gone wrong with your Mac coincidentally at the same time (which seems unlikely), restarting the Mac was probably not necessary.

No it wasn't. Don't know why! But the reset got everything back to normal. Thanks!

Similar issue. Running KM v9.0

Added Conceal Macro Palettes action (first use of this action for me) instead of my usual Hide Macro Group/Hide Palette to close a Palette within a particular app. Running Conceal Macro Palettes action (in the Calendar app, haven't tried in other apps) results in hiding ALL Palettes in all apps including preventing the Conflict Palette from being available. Relaunching KM engine is the only current recovery. Haven't tried a restart yet.

Running MacOS 10.14.6

Also the Wiki isn't clear about if this action closes all the palettes per app or acts globally closing all of KM's palettes.


That is the intended behaviour.

All the palettes are concealed until revealed again using the Reveal Macro Palettes action (or until an application switch if you use the Conceal Macro Palettes Until Switch action).

Its purpose is to conceal all palettes when you want to view a full screen video or the like. Really, it was written specifically so I could watch Apple trailers in full screen without my normal palettes on the screen. Hopefully it is useful to other people too, but that is just a side benefit in this case.

Ok I did not understand the design. An example usage in the Wiki might be helpful and/or adding the word "Globally"

  • Globally Reveal Macro Palettes.

  • Globally Conceal Macro Palettes.

  • Globally Conceal Macro Palettes until Application Switch.

might be clearer.

Much appreciation as always. :slightly_smiling_face:

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