Pallets & Sub-Pallets Make KM So Easy To Use

@hello I don't have Google Chrome installed but it works with all my apps.

This is really strange @martin. As you have seen, I have no problems at all.

I tried this on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 and the latest Edge version....


Mine is


@martin I have tested my workflow with Edge under macOS Big Sur:

Please try to use my workflow (tutorial) unchanged with the included shortcuts.

Hi @appleianer,
Thanks! I believe I have set it up exactly as yours, including the hotkeys. As I mentioned above, the only different thing was

I don't believe this makes any difference, because the macro was successfully triggered either way. But I have also tried the AppleScript as well.
Having said that, I also tried the AppleScript way:
And, still, I can't move Microsoft Edge.

@Martin does it work in Chrome?

I don't have Chrome. I removed it because it was constantly restarting after quit.
It works for Safari and Firefox.

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