Paste Replacing selecting multiple items not working

Hi friends,

I'm looking to replace multiple Pause actions with another Pause action with a different value. I'm doing this by copying the 0.25 Pause action then holding CMD and selecting two 0.5 Pause actions.

After right-clicking and selecting Paste Replacing, I expect all the 0.5 Pauses to turn into 0.25 Pauses, keeping their place in the macro, but that doesn't happen, Keyboard Maestro just deletes all the actions except the last one, which it replaces.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Umm. I think you are using the wrong approach. If you have a series of statements that need a fixed pause value between each of them, here's how to do it:


And then you can reset it to zero after the last statement that needed a pause.

This way a single change affects all statements, up until the next time you issue this command again.

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Hey @sadokx,

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Paste-replacing is not designed to work with multiple actions.

@peternlewis – any comment?

Sleepy's though is a good one, and you can also use a variable in the pause action instead of a fixed value.

Don't forget the Pause Current Movie action either – it frequently is a better choice than a fixed pause.


Yes, I used to use variables in Pause actions all the time, but lately I'm finding that the Set Action Delay seems to save me more time. I was going to mention the variable approach, but forgot.

Paste Replacing replaces the selection, whether single or multiple actions, with the current clipboard.

It is not equivalent to Paste Replacing Each Selected Action with the System Clipboard.

Plausibly it should require the selection to be contiguous, but since you really have to go quite far out of your way to select multiple discontiguous actions, and since it isn't going to work anyway and then you'll just Undo, it seems pointless to code that explicit requirement.

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