Paste Without Formatting, But With Link

That would for extracting a link from hypertext, but the challenge here is copying hypertext from a browser and then, when pasting (into Mail, for example), retaining the fact that the text has a link but otherwise adopting the styling of the surrounding text.

Oh. I thought they wanted the link, not the displayed text for the link. My bad. The reason I thought that was because the subject of this thread said "With Link."

Hey Phil,

I'm using the Clipboard in this, but you can use any available source of HTML text.


Convert HTML to RTF on the Clipboard v1.00.kmmacros (5.4 KB)

Thanks! I am having trouble with it, though—I try to paste and nothing happens. I'm putting the HTML in the Trigger Clipboard, then displaying it to make sure it's make sure it's there, then I use your shell script with input from the Trigger Clipboard and display the results. That display comes up blank. From my macro:

The results of the first action in the above:

The results of the final action:

I have also tried this using the System Clipboard for everything—same results. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

Hey Phil,

Use the system clipboard.

Don't save to the clipboard – the script does that.


Perfect—thanks so much!

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