Pasting the wrong variable

I can't seem to understand what's happening here...
When I get to the last step, it's pasting the wrong variable.
So instead of pasting the UUID, it's pasting the Title.
So instead of something like this:


I'm seeing something like this:


Here's what's weird: if I add a Cancel This Macro right before the last action and I go to the macro and check the value for the Local__UUID variable, it's set to the UUID that I need it to paste, like this:


But for some odd reason, once I remove that Cancel This Macro action and let it run top to bottom, it pastes the Local__Script Title instead of the Local__UUID

New Raycast Script from KM Macro.kmmacros (69 KB)


Just a guess, but...

Try a pause between copying the UUID and setting it as a variable via %SystemClipboard%. The clipboard may need a moment to update.

If you want to be precise with the pause:

Check out the "Pause until clipboard updated" section HERE.


Yes the pause worked. Thanks!

What's weird is that even without the pause, if I cancel the macro right before the last action, I could see that the Local__UUID variable was set to the macro's UUID. Between setting the variable to the clipboard to where it hits CMD+A, I would assume that there's enough time for the clipboard to update?


Well, but it's working now. Thanks!

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Yes, the clipboard will have updated during that time, but you were setting your Variable to the Clipboard immediately after copying the UUID to the Clipboard.

If the Clipboard hasn't enough time to update between those two Actions, your Variable will be set to whatever is in the Clipboard currently (which could be a previous copied UUID, some text or whatever).

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