Pause for a Random Number of Seconds Between 3 and 23

Is there a way to pause a macro for a random number of seconds between 3 and 23. The "Pause" function seems to allow only numbers (versus variables or functions) as an input.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

From this section of the manual:

Keyboard Maestro supports calculations in almost any numeric text fields. For example you can Pause for “60*Time in Minutes”.

So just pop a calculation in the field -- in this case, using the RAND(A,B) function:



Hey Nige_S,
Thank you very much. It’s amazing how simple this looks. I spent hours during research online!


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Don't do that!!! :sunglasses:

Not unless you're having fun that is. My rule-of-the-thumb is to not spend more than 20 to 30 minutes banging my head against the wall, before I ask for help – unless I'm making measurable progress and learning something – i.e. the use of my time is truly productive.

If you search the wiki for “random” you'll find something right quick:

Search [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

If you search the forum for “random” you'll find something right quick:

Search results for 'random' - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

It's a good idea to always try the Search-Field in the Keyboard Maestro Editor's Help menu – you'll frequently get a clue:


Note that all of these menu items have a keyboard shortcut that pops up a search dialog.


When I'm looking for something I tend to follow this progression:

  1. Search the Help menu of the Keyboard Maestro Editor.
  2. Search using Insert Action by Name.
  3. Search using Insert Token by Name.
  4. Search using Insert Function by Name.
  5. Search the Keyboard Maestro Wiki.
  6. Search the Keyboard Maestro Forum
    • Using the Forum's built-in search.
    • Using a Google site-search.

Of course this varies when I have some idea of what I'm looking for.

There's too much dain brammage in the world already, so ask for help when you need it!


Again, thank you very much. I’m truly very appreciative. I did the post as a last resort.

This is really a great and methodical way to do analysis and research. Thank you for sharing.

I think this program is tremendous possibilities. I should spend more time learning it and less time playing. Lol.


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Echoing Chris -- never leave it that long! While I'd advocate always checking the manual and Wiki first, if only because you'll always stumble across something useful even if not immediately relevant, my own rule of thumb is "When the swearing starts, stop -- and post in the Forum" :wink:

No, no, no! Play and learn! There's a lot to be said for noodling about, trying different ways to do things, for "unimportant" macros...