Pause Until The Finder Copies a File?


I'm trying to introduce a pause until Finder finishes copying a folder from a copy file action in this macro.

I'm assuming that the Pause Until Any Window Does Not Contain "Saving" action will work (please see attached screen shot and macro). However the system copies so fast I can't tell if it's really pausing.

I assume there is a simple shell command that checks the status of Finder operations, and I can pass that status as a variable? Can't seem to google up that shell command.

Here is the macro. I'd like to pause at the end, after the macro initiates a copy of a the folder. Then I'd like to add further actions.

Project_Auto_Backup_Auto_File_Path.kmmacros (5.5 KB)


As far as I know, when you use the Keyboard Maestros built in copy action, then the next step is only triggered when the copying is done.
So there is no need for a pause until.

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Thanks @JimmyHartington, it seems to be pausing long enough, so I think you are right. I just don't see anything in the documentation that says copy action reads status of the Finder and waits until the copy if done. I was nervous because with mulit-tap, all macros fire at once, unless you do something to pause them.

It is still not Finder which is copying the file but Keyboard Maestro.
You could try to make a macro, which copies a very big file. And you will see that you do not get the progress bar from Finder, since Finder has nothing to do with the copying.
I could imagine that Keyboard Maestro uses an Apple API for the copying. But that would more be a question for @peternlewis

The copy action is copying the file - the Finder has nothing to do with it.

The system copies the file, and then when the copy is finished, the macro will proceed.

So there is no pause required.


No. This is anything but simple...


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Thanks @JimmyHartington, @ccstone, @peternlewis

Brilliant! I had to ensure that the copy was complete before the next actions.

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