"Pause Until the mouse button is pressed" Is this not possible on a macbook trackpad?

So this condition works If I click down on the trackpad but not if I just tap it, is this just a limitation of the system?

Tapping on the trackpad is NOT the same as a click down, unless you change System Preferences, either in the Mouse or Accessibility section.

Could you please elaborate on this? I use a tap rather than a click for everything and this bothered me in the past with a macro. I fixed it with javascript but I'd love to be able to use a tap to advance some macros.

Google search is your friend:
How to Enable Tap To Click on Mac Trackpads with Mac OS X

I don't think we're on the same page. I do already use that. I set it up for myself the day I opened the delivery parcel of my first Apple laptop. The question here is around using the tap with the "mouse button is pressed" condition. I took from your original comment that you believe the tap can be used to make the condition true. Did I read it wrong? Do we have an answer for the OP yet (I would love an answer for the OP because it would help myself as well)?

Ooh, weird. I just tried a simple two action macro to make a sound and it seems to have intermittent results. Sometimes it seems to beep on the first tap. Others it seems to wait. Well now I have no idea if this condition is working or not. Edit again: I don't think it's working. It's not reliable enough for me to think that a tap makes the condition true in any meaningful way. If I gently touch the trackpad I can activate different application windows without making the condition true. Then I touch with normal pressure and suddenly it works.

I was not directly addressing the KM Action, but how the Trackpad works.

You can config it so that a tap is a click, and a double-tap and hold is a click and hold. I'll leave the KM testing to you guys.

Did you ever find a way to get this working? My setup:

  • "Tap to Click" enabled in System Preferences -> Trackpad -> Point & Click
  • KM macro trigger: "Device Key 'Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad Button 1' is pressed"

The macro won't trigger if I tap. But it WILL trigger if I click :thinking:

I haven't thought about it again since the original posts in this thread :frowning: Sorry

I second the motion.. is there any way the functionality can be expanded to track taps as a click?