Pause Until the Print Button Is Pressed

Hello, I want to Pause until the the user clicks the Print button.
I found Pause until → Button, but don't see any reference to the button being pressed or not.
thanks for your time and help

Have you tried this (under "button condition"):

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Thank you.

Unfortunately, your suggestion does not work.

If the print button is present and not greyed out, which is the case, it is 'enabled' and the action is executed.

What I would like is the action to proceed only once I click the print button, the point being to give me the chance to click of Color or B&W, etc.

I was expecting to find a Pause until the ... button is down, but that option does not exist.


Hi Ronald,

What happens if you change that Pause Until to "does not exist"?


Depending on how your macro is written, you may even want to include both pauses to ensure it waits for the print button to appear before waiting until it goes away:



everything works great. Thanks very much

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