Pause, watch window for changes, then proceed?

Hi. I'm wondering if it's possible to have KBM pause a script, watch an area of a window for any changes, and then proceed when it detects any changes.

I tried doing a Screen Capture action to clip an area of the window to the system clipboard, but then couldn't figure out how to use that in a Pause action using until "the screen" "does not contain".

Has anyone tried something like this?

You could presumably Screen Capture the area, write it to disk, then repeatedly Screen Capture the area, write it to disk as a second file, and use the shell diff tool to tell if there are any changes.

It is plausible that would work, but it is also possible that each written file will include some level of non-relevent detail that changes each time, so you would have to try it and see.

The shell diff command should return a status code to indicate whether the two files were identical or not.