Perhaps, I am a bit OCD, but I would love to be able to remove or hide this folder

Here's the folder I am talking about :

I don't use it and I found there to be no way to rename it nor could I delete it. :frowning:

I think it is a built-in group that cannot be deleted.

But I am surprised you have not found a use for it.
It is the group to put your macros that are available in all apps, all the time,
Do you not have any macros that meet this criteria?

You cannot rename or remove it.

It is the group that a macro will be created in if no other groups (or only Smart Groups) are selected.

It’s not that there is no use for it, I would just love to rename it as I would love to have freedom in organising my groups and it stands out in a rather negative way for me. :frowning:

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Similar with the named clipboard “Default Clipboard”. I already have a default named clipboard, which is named “_Tmp” (the underscore sorts it it at the top). The nasty factory “Default Clipboard” is hanging around unused amidst my other named clipboards.