Peter, Thanks for Supporting macOS File Revisions in the Sync File!

@peternlewis THANK YOU for supporting versions so well in the keyboard maestro sync file.

For some bizarre reason I had deleted a macro and didn't discover until just now. The versions allowed me to easily restore a previous version, export the macro, and then keep going from the present state of KM, but with my old macro back where it belongs. So much faster than digging through an old backup from TimeMachine or my cloud provider.


Great to hear, it is very nice to know the effort to put in those revisions was worth while.


I use this all the time!

I don't export though. I just:

  • Revert to saved version.
  • Copy the missing/changed macro(s).
  • Revert to before last revert.
  • Paste.

That’s even better. I’m always surprised at how capable the bog standard clipboard is. I guess it’s just text (e.g. xml) at the end of the day, but I didn’t think to use that.

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