Pick Up Path of Folder for Macro - Pro Tools

I wonder if "John" will ever reply.....

I made two new macro's for you. One is another updated script that will open the folder containing the current session file.
The other one is the requested macro that will make a date folder in your Bounced Files folder within the folder that you current session is. If the folder exist it does nothing.

Tell me if these two works for you.

Export Clips To Bounced Files within Date Folder.kmmacros (37.2 KB)
Current ProTools Session Folder.kmmacros (54.8 KB)

Fokke you are fantastic! I will tell “John” no need to reply :slight_smile:

I am traveling this week but will try as soon as I get back this coming Monday. Very excited to try this!



Thanks will try them later today to if that works for me.


Thanks for making theses macros , today was the first time I had a chance to try it out. The Macro "Export Clips to Bounce Files within Date Folder" worked well, I had to just increase the pause a little(.5) to make it run correctly each time.



Great news!

Thanks David,
Which Pause did you had to increase?