Please Help – Text Calculations on Clipboard Text

Hi Folks,

This question is most probably answered somewhere here, please bump this / forward me to the appropriate place.

I'm looking for a simple mid() or left() extraction-type text calculation on the contents of 1. the incoming clipboard or 2. any variable. I've looked and can't seem to find a writeup for the proper calling of text calculations. In FileMaker Pro language this looks like:

Middle ( variable ; starting_character ; number_of_characters )

I'm trying to grab the first 31 characters of clipboard text for stupid Pro Tools' limited memory locations.

Any help very appreciated in advance.

Try looking here:

Hey @renton,

Easily done.

I've demonstrated both 1 to EndRange and StartRange to EndRange.

Personally I'd normally use the Search Clipboard action with a regular expression.


Although it's a bit more difficult to use variables.


Substring with Variable Range Example v1.00.kmmacros (7.4 KB)

This was a while ago, but wanted to thank you Chris. The inbuilt functions did the job but I'll keep this handy for sure. Cheers.

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