Please Help This Novice

Hi there everyone, I have recently purchased keyboard maestro in a bid to stop a potentially embarrassing issue, but truth be told I am no programmer and am at a loss as to where to start.

Basically I do some things for three separate conpanies. What I would love to do is have a shortcut which would open up say three browser windows and the correct email account in airmail for company one. Then when I send out any email I won’t male the mistake of sending it from the wrong email account, as I am working exclusively in that company section.

Then I want to close down everything for company a, and use another shortcut for company b and finally company c.

Is this possible, would anyone be able to help me set it up either in here or via pm

Many thanks in anticipation


Hello Peter,

I am not sure that Keyboard Maestro is the solution to the problem as I understand it.

I will say that Airmail has two features that can be helpful;

  1. it has a preference that asks you to confirm the sender account before a mail is sent; as well as
  2. a delay feature which allows you to set a period before a mail is actually sent. Assuming your cold sweat comes on quickly enough, you can then dive into the Drafts folder and save yourself!

Beyond that, I wonder if the solution would be to set up three different accounts on your Mac and use Fast-User Switching between each of the identities? You could even use different desktops to remind yourself which account you are in!

Thank you so much for that, I didn’t even realise that, if we take email out of the equation, or even switch to a different client, is there an option with km to do the browser launch idea I had

Thanks again

Hey Peter,

We need to know what web browser you're using, but if it's scriptable then what you want to do is possible.

Examples are: Safari, Google Chrome, Vivaldi.

It seems to me that Airmail is somewhat AppleScriptable, so it might be possible to check your sent-from address before you send a message.


I am using Safari,

I have no particular objection to using Apple mail if that makes things possible

I just wouldn’t know where to start

Thanks for your help so far


Hey Peter,

Okay, here's one example.

Opening URLs in Safari.kmmacros (5.0 KB)

We can get MUCH more sophisticated than this.


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