Popup List of Macros Is Not Presented for a Particular Macro Group

When I add an Execute Macro action, I usually can pick the desired macro from a popup list of my macros in each macro group. Sometimes a popup list is not presented for a particular macro group - even though there are definitely macros in the chosen macro group. What's the reason for this? How to work around this? Thanks.

I can't think of any way this would happen, so I will need more information. If it happens with a particular macro group I suggest you contact support with the details because I would probably need to look at your macro file to figure out what the problem might be.

FYI -- Perhaps I've found how to fix the issue (which I've seen a number of times) and wanted to make you aware.

If the Macro name is ≥ 64 chars then the popup list is not shown (Exec a Macro Action)
At 63 chars it works as expected.

7777779999997777779999997777779999997777779999997777779999998880.kmmacros (1.3 KB)

I cannot duplicate this. If I double this macro name (from the one you posted), it still displays fine in the popup list for the macro selection in an action.

Are you talking about somewhere else?

I opened my long name macro then in the Exec a Macro action inside it I scrolled down the list of macro groups until I came to its macro group (60 ———). No contained macros were shown inside that group to choose from if >= 64 chars in the long name macro title. If <64 then they do show.

I am not quite sure if that’s what your image represents.

Yes, its the same popup menu. Weird. What version of OS X and Keyboard Maestro are you using?

KM Version 8.2.3
MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G7024)

I’ve been able to replicate the issue a few times in various macro groups and with various macros with long names on my system.

But an easy workaround. Thanks.

FYI -- Just seen the same problem again but different solution:

If Macro Name now has ≤78 chars it's OK. 79 chars+ doesn't work.

Different from a day ago!