PopUp Text Depending on Page Content in Browser

If I open a page in Safari and it contains a certain word or phrase I would like to have popup text shown.
This would basically link the Find command to the opening of a page and then show the popup text possibly with the number of matches in a bigger size.

or do you want to run this script only when pressing a keystroke?

Only when opening a new page.

Hey @Golf,

That gets a bit tricky, because a new page can be a window or a tab – and there's not a great way of discriminating between new and changed windows/tabs.

I reckon it can be done, but I don't want to futz with it.

You can use a Focused Window trigger to tell when the window title changes and then use something like the appended macro.

The word list is separated by pipe characters:


The macro presents a complete list of found words for the front browser page.


Find Words from a Word List in the Front Browser Page.kmmacros (5.5 KB)

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Dear Chris,
thanx for caring.
For the time being, I have different priorities;-)
Merry x-mas and a Happy New Year